King No-One interview with Hype Player

You're in the middle of a nine date tour - including venues like Sound Control, Boston Music Room and King Tuts! Are there any shows you're particularly looking forward to?

It's our first proper national tour so we're genuinely looking forward to them all and can't wait to give the fans a reason to put us on their bedroom walls. Leeds and York are our home turfs so we know we're going to get a really special atmosphere, big sold out venues and they go crazy, as do we. But despite the fact this is our first headliner, Manchester has sold out so we're dead happy about that and can't wait to meet them. But tickets aside, the Glaswegians aren't gunna let us hold back, and we love that city. 

Flamboyancy and energy is present throughout your music. How does that translate to the live shows?

Well... I like to wear sparkly gold jeans and flash tops as audacious as possible, so by your description, it seems they go hand in hand. That time on stage is the perfect opportunity to express yourself and help people understand you as an artist, and what you stand for, and flamboyancy and energy is something we revel in.  

Have you got any big festival dates sorted yet for 2017?

It’s going to great summer, but it’s a secret for now.

What is the idea behind the video for Alcatraz?

Alcatraz is about the warped vision of your past deluding your perception of the present. Not being able to find someone because you are dwelling on a nostalgic and unrealistic past. For the video we wanted to get a sad, and all too common narrative, across in a fun and engaging manner.

Is there any one artist you draw the most inspiration from?

Not consciously, inspiration has always come from life experiences and meeting different people, anything that I feel has to be written about or anything that I need to express. 

2016 was the year of your first single. Are there any firsts coming for King No-One in 2017?

There will be many. Watch this space. 

What're you listening to at the moment?

Although it came out late last year, Grimes' Art Angels has been a real hit for us. Local Natives' new album is also a real pleasure to listen too.