Introducing The Japanese House

English musician, The Japanese House is on the rise in the indie pop world.  Ever since releasing her recent EP Swim Against The Tide in February, she has been unstoppable. Combining layers of dream pop with folktronica; The Japanese House is on pace to be one of the most excellent electro-folk musicians of this generation.

Meet Amber Bain a.k.a. The Japanese House,  the 21-year-old solo artist from Buckinghamshire who’s already played numerous sold out arenas, toured with the critically acclaimed band The 1975, and has received over 10-million streams on Spotify for her song Still. During a visit to Cornwall on holiday at the age of six, Bain and her family resided in a property once owned by Kate Winslet, nicknamed “The Japanese House”.

During this trip, she posed as a boy by the name of Danny and subsequently caught the affections of a young girl who wrote her letters every day. Bain eventually confessed her true identity to the girl and was thoroughly impacted when the girl reacted negatively to this revelation. Ultimately, this led to Bain incorporating an androgynous sound to her music, and adopting her stage name as an homage to this important time in her life.


“Swim Against The Tide” her most recent EP, which was produced by the 1975’s bandmates: Matty Healy and George Daniels, has a total of four songs that are crafted with delicate lyrics and dreamy sounds. Tracks off this project such as Good Side In and Face Like Thunder give you a hit of folk with an eclectic sprinkle of ambient noises that somehow flow into each other. Another track entitled  ‘Leon’ is based off the film Leon: The Professional.

In a recent interview with Dork, Bain said: “It’s about Matilda in the film (Leon) and she’s grown up – I was really interested in the idea of her being in love with him. It’s the only song I’ve ever written in the third person, about her being grown up and with someone else, finding him really boring and just fantasising about being with Leon and the sadness of settling for something when you already had something.”

This is an introspective look on Bain’s writing process, which she has come to perfect making her an illustrious storyteller. She can convey complex emotions and themes through to her listeners, by effortlessly crafting together harmonious melodies and complex metaphors in her songs.  The EP ended up achieving phenomenal success and led Bain to headline her first show in the US.

With her next EP, Saw You In a Dream set to release in June, Bain is on her way to establishing a long reign on the alternative charts. After finishing her second headlining show in the US, Bain is currently on a brief European tour, where she will finish off at London’s KOKO. She is also scheduled to play at Lollapalooza, The Great Escape, and Reading and Leeds festival this year. Anticipate a huge year from The Japanese House, an indie star in the making.