Introducing Little Tybee

Little Tybee are a progressive psych-folk band that had its origin in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009 formed by the following members Brock Scott, Josh Martin, Ryan Donald, Nirvana Kelly, Chris Case and Pat Brooks. The six-piece are part of a wave of artists that expose technicality and musicality along with originality, making out of these three elements a foundation for a band that has set as an objective and goal to deliver a unique sound to their fans and make no one song similar to another.

 Atlanta, Georgia 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Since their very first album, Building a Bomb (2009) Little Tybee started attracting attention for their technical and musical input as they had a "magical sense to themselves". Building a Bomb is a well-produced holding a complex mix of songs that listening to them over multiple times will not stop you from re-discovering each, due to the vast amount of details and acoustic sounds blending. Each of the members are well-trained musicians and play or perform in sheer excellence in two or more instruments - perhaps giving reason to the depth and contrast seen between consecutive tracks.

Two years after their first and debut album the band released their second album Humorous To Bees with recording and production studio Paper Garden Records. It was from their second album that Little Tybee set off to a path of recognition and attention for their artistic capacities as the album, featuring a total of 12 songs. The album also featured an amount of artists to feature on the project and cooperate in the production process, in this manner, achieving and even higher variation and originality standard, as many of the tracks develop around different artists in a co-operative process.  The album had widespread success and earned them social recognition and some attention from the media, leading them to a few interviews, mostly discussing their musical formation, their goals and what to expect from them shortly. The band were very insistent and firm in their sense of respect and admiration for complex music and originality, as they consider it an imperative element in their day by day creation and development process.

Another two years passed and the band put out their third album again under Paper Garden Records, the title - For Distant Viewing. The album features eleven songs and two of them which can be considered the hits of the album Hearing Blue” and “For Distant Viewing”. The band had taken a step further in their musical and technical aspects here, as the lyrics were very profound and meaningful, the songs have very deep mood changes and they produced videos for both of these amassing more fans via online.

Hearing Blue (above) was recorded at Doppler Studios as a live performance and amassed over 200,000 views. The studio setting of the video makes the sound as organic as it can be, making the song even more intimate for anyone even for those who have not heard of them before. The band had written the song in 2011 but it was until 2013 that they included it in an album, so both versions have slight changes, even so, it is one of their most remarkable tracks. From this point on, Little Tybee started interacting and performing live more often, they introduced new songs through online promotion and marketing methods and approached their fans more intimately.

Each of the band’s members has attracted a vast amount of attention individually aside from the band; the most notable instance is the guitar player, “Josh Martin”. Josh is noted for perfecting and inventing a guitar technique that he titled “Glitch Tapping” which is a motion of fast, successive same-tone notes, the guitar experts community started giving him a high regard of respect for his authentic way of performing and playing his instrument, the eight-string guitar. He attributes his guitar skill to the following reason as an origin “I guess one of the fundamental things that started me off with a different perspective of the instrument was being left-handed and playing a right-handed guitar. I think many people are accustomed to having the right-hand serve as a skeletal rhythmic component."

The first thing you'll notice about Little Tybee's music is the lead vocalist's, Brock Scott, voice. Often described as 'unusual' Brock sings in high-pitched range, the most astounding element of his sound is that it does not falter one bit, it isn't a n exadjuation he has perfected his singing. The rest of the band’s members have to be respected for their capacity to play more than multiple instruments and excel in each of them. All of the band members including Brock and Josh have mentioned their arduous six to ten hours of daily study in their musicianship training over the years and how that has played a huge part in their sound quality.

 Little Tybee live in Atlanta

Little Tybee live in Atlanta

Little Tybee have also been noted for their live performance as there is little difference in their live sound aside their albums. You can feel the same intimacy and sound quality, how all the instruments blend and the band members invite you to be part of a very peculiar experience, as they do not fall in any genre and at the same time have bits from many, you can not avoid being enthralled by their sound in admiration. In 2016 the band released their fourth album, self-produced and Released “Little Tybee” which was a recollection of all their singles between 2013 to 2016 and included a bunch of new tracks summing up to a total of 12 songs.

By then, they had already amassed over 30k followers among all their social networks and where very well known by their fans for all their unique musical, personal, collective and individual aspects. The band’s new self-titled album had a Kickstarter for which they were giving a special Vinyl version and a custom USB kit which included commentaries from the band members, comments on the pre-production and production process and personal opinions on each track along with all 12 full-length tracks.

The band has had a steady road of success which still goes on, and for which many are excited to see how they develop further with support from the media.

“Little Tybee is a group that is really hard to put your finger on stylistically, and that’s the way we like it.” - FILTER
“The band Little Tybee doesn’t fit into any genre, and the band likes it that way.” – CNN
“Maybe they recently perfected a time machine or found a way to stitch sunshine itself into their sound. I wouldn’t be surprised.” – Pancakes and Whiskey

Little Tybee has mentioned that they are always working on new projects and expecting to perform live as soon as possible, as they love to introduce themselves to new potential fans in live events, in that way of thinking we can surely expect new material and new musical concepts from them very soon in time.