Introducing Cigarettes After Sex

El Paso-based indie rock band, Cigarettes After Sex, have been sneaking their way into mainstream music circles.

When the band released their chilling new single, Each Time You Fall In Love it collected over 30,000 streams in less than 24-hours. The song is packed with breezy, haze-like melodies that reflect the lasting impact of past broken relationships. Two lines from the song left me haunted - “You say all of the words they wanna hear, it isn’t real” and “All I wanna know is if you love her, how come you never give in.” The dissatisfaction with relationships and recurring desire for more is powerfully accentuated throughout the song. 

In 2008 lead singer, Greg Gonzalez happened to put together an array of sounds in a stairway at the University of Texas, thus sparking the creation of Cigarettes After Sex. The collection of sounds turned into their first EP that the band would later release in 2012 and go on to have remarkable success on Spotify, reaching over 12 million streams altogether. Their most popular song, Keep On Loving You, is a slowed down rendition of REO Speedwagon’s original song from the 80s.





In an interview with Fashion Unfiltered, Gonzalez said, “It’s funny—I grew up with that song and it didn’t really have any kind of impact on me. It was kind of a joke... And then, when I finally moved to New York, I heard it again by chance, and for some reason it resonated with me and I was listening to it all the time… I found that when I slowed it down a bit, it became this really sad song. I had that idea for two years, and finally the band got together and we did a session and we said, “Why don’t we try this?” We did it on the first take and it worked.” The cover has accumulated over 15-million views on YouTube and was recently played at Raf Simmon’s Calvin Klein debut show.

Three years later the band returned from their hiatus releasing two well-received singles: Affection and K. The song K. is packed with lazy guitar strums accompanied by ambient sounds that create a backdrop for the singer’s longing for a past no strings attached relationship. Affection, on the other hand, is played with simple yet breathtaking arpeggios that play out as a simple ballad outlining the good and bad varieties of love. The popularity of these two singles propelled the band to go on their first world tour playing intimate venues, such as Brighton’s Bleach, and Bologna’s Covo Club, as well as their first festival: London Calling. 

While on their nonstop tour that started at the beginning of 2016, Cigarettes After Sex are set to play at five festivals including Best Kept Secret, Rockwave, and Primavera Sound. In June 2017, the band will release their highly anticipated self-titled album that will include their new song, Each Time You Fall In Love as well as some of the other singles previously mentioned. Showing no signs of slowing down, CAC are moulding their way to becoming consistent indie rock chart leaders. This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing of them, so get on the bandwagon now before it’s too late.