Hype Player Introducing: Sundara Karma


Hype Player is excited to introduce the 4-piece indie band Sundara Karma from Reading, UK. Though they’ve been drawing attention since 2015, towards the latter end of 2016 that attention quickly turned into one of the UK’s most vocal fan bases. And after million of streams of their two EPs entitled EP I and EP II, they released their debut album Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect on 6th January 2017.

Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect has a total of 12 songs featuring some beautiful tracks with hard guitar riffs and creative yet reflective lyrics. Tracks on the album such as Be Nobody step aside from the riff driven anthems that dominate their live performances and show off the prowess that Oscar Lulu and his band hold as song writers. Poetic lyrics adds validity to their decision to name themselves using a word derived from Sanskrit meaning love and nobility.

With the release of their album, an active and growing fan base and music suited for mainstream radio, you can almost guarantee that Sundara Karma are going to be sought after by most UK festival organisers in the summer. On your first listen of their track Flame (above), you understand the potential power their songs can have to control and unite their crowd. If you get the opportunity to see Sundara Karma live then you’ll they do exactly just that, control the crowd, through passion, flamboyancy and applaudable use of their shoulder-length locks.

The band are kicking off with their first UK tour this year supporting Two Door Cinema Club. Sundara are set to do big things in the indie scene in 2017, and Hype Player will be behind them every step of the way.