Hype Player Introducing: DINO

Like with any movement, the rise of the London grime scene in 2016 created space for the emergence of sub and break-off genres. So, what fills the gap the space created by grime artists? Well we're predicting big things for a thriving though currently unnamed genre in 2017 - we'll name it London alternative rap or LAR, why not?

Some rappers forefronting the genre are Loyle Carner, Kojey Radical and DINO. As part of our Hype Player Introducing series we met up with one of the forefronting rappers, DINO.

Born into the Bosnian War of the early ‘90s, DINO's journey to find himself within the LAR scene wasn’t a straightforward one. DINO, real name Dino, was brought over to the UK as a refugee where he moved around the country, and even spent a short-time living stateside in California.

DINO's unsettled route to finding himself in London recording his debut album, No Title, perhaps lended itself well to producing the lyrical consistencies you’ll find between the music forefronting LAR - self-awareness and eloquence. Certainly two traits not only present in DINO's music, but also present in him as an artist.

D.I.N.O - No Title

Tracks from debut album No Title (2016) give you an instant impression of DINO’s realm of influence - you’re instantly hit with heavily jazz influenced beats, layered with strong hooks and passionate delivery, and this stays true throughout the album. D.I.N.O doesn’t only confide his list of key influencers within artists and genres (Kendrick Lamar, Skepta and Miles Davis were mentioned), he also heavily leans on his self-assigned life mantra, Tha Diffrnce - try hard always - deep inside freedom flourishes, refuse negative constraining energy.

 D.I.N.O with DJ Edward Adoo at the BBC.

D.I.N.O with DJ Edward Adoo at the BBC.

Hype surrounding No Title created demand for live performances, though these calls have not led to shows yet, they have led to the formation of a band. When we spoke to DINO is was clear that he felt that the heavy jazz influence within his music could only be honoured with a band.

DINO and his band are currently working towards bringing No Title to sonic life - with the first shows coming within the first half of 2017. The year will hopefully be a defining year for DINO. With the growth of interest in his genre, and promise that we’ve seen from No Title - we’re excited by the talent of DINO.