Artists to listen to if you like Fleetwood Mac

Hype Player present a list of artists to listen to if you like Fleetwood Mac. The list is based from data collated by Apple, Spotify and Google, as well as personal input from the Hype Player staff.

Fleetmac Wood

Fleet-mac-Wood - yes, you read that right. Fleetmac Wood are a DJ collective from L.A. exclusively dedicated to the production of re-edits of Fleetwood Mac classics. Even the most die-hard of Fleetwood Mac fans appreciate the life the collective inject into the band's timeless songs.

The Kinks

The Kinks

To too many The Kinks are one-hit-wonders with their track You Really Got Me. However, with infectious guitar licks and wonderfully British vocals, The Kinks hold a truly underrated legacy. Fleetwood Mac fan's appreciation of legacy transfers perfectly to what The Kinks offer.

Little River Band

Little River Band, like Fleetwood Mac, found great success in the US with 10 singles reaching the top 20 in the Billboard Hot 100. Selling more than 30-million records, the GRAMMY nominated six piece rarely stray from their folk rock roots.

The Lumineers

Following in Fleetwood Mac’s footsteps, Denver-based The Lumineers took folk-rock into the mainstream. This band have a discography full of lyrics that pull heartstrings, and chords that will have you humming for weeks.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


American artist Tom Petty took the world by storm in the late '70s with performances notable for the chemistry displayed between raw vocals and volume. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are a must-have in your old-school playlists.