Artists to listen to if you like Father John Misty

Although the name Josh Tillman might not ring a bell, you’ve heard of his musical alter ego, Father John Misty. His music blends a classic, 1960s Laurel Canyon folk rock sound with a modern, indie rock edge that has earned him a legion of fans. Although he’s just released his third album, Pure Comedy, Father John always leaves his listeners wanting more. We’ve composed a list of other artists and bands for those of you who just can’t get enough of his style and sound.

Fleet Foxes

This list, of course, would not be complete without Fleet Foxes. Fleet Foxes, a band started in Seattle in 2006, are known for their melancholy and nostalgic sound -- and featured Father John Misty as the drummer. After taking a six-year long break, Fleet Foxes released their first new song in six years, titled Third of May, and they have an album titled Crack-Up due in June of 2017.

Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten

New Jersey native Sharon Van Etten shares a similar blend of indie rock and classic folk. Her song Every Time the Sun Comes Up from her 2014 album Are We There has a sound that is both dark and dreamy but packs a surprising punch with faux punk lyrics like, “I washed your dishes, but I s*** in your bathroom.”

Dams of the West

Like Father John, Dams of the West frontman Chris Tomson started his musical career as the drummer, in his case for Vampire Weekend. Produced by the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, the Dams of the West debut album Youngish American, released early 2017, has sharp and funny lyrics, and - despite varying musical styles that fall under the umbrella of rock - a very cohesive sound. Tomson’s wit is in full evidence: “when I drink a Bud Light do I love America? Or only when there’s a flag on the can?", and, “I’ll make your pasta with a red sauce when I know you’re PMSing." Dams of the West will be opening for Father John at the Toronto, Brooklyn, and Chicago shows of his 2017 tour. 

Natalie Mering

Natalie Mering, known as Weyes Blood, is known for her synth folk tunes. Again, similar to Dams of the West, Natalie opened for Father John Misty on several legs of his 2017 tour. Weyes Blood’s 2016 album Front Row Seat to Earth was rated Best New Album by Pitchfork, and her collaborative EP Myths 002 with psychedelic-pop artist Ariel Pink also received critical praise.

Grizzly Bear

Formed in Brooklyn in 2002, indie rock band Grizzly Bear has a similar nostalgic sound to Father John Misty’s. Grizzly Bear recently created an Instagram and shared a teaser of their new music, which has a similar electronic/rock blend seen in some of Father John’s songs like True Affection.