Artists to listen to if you like Chance The Rapper

Artists like Chance the Rapper

Hype Player present a list of artists to listen to if you like Chance The Rapper. The list is based on data collated by Apple, Spotify and Google, as well as personal input from the Hype Player staff.

Alex Wiley

 Photo Credit: Alex Wiley

Photo Credit: Alex Wiley

Chicago, Illinois rapper Alex Wiley appeared on Chance's unreleased track Grown Ass Kid - the track was due to be included on Coloring Book but it was dropped due to legal reasons. Alex's albums Village Party and Village Party 2: Heaven's Gates both hit the US iTunes Top 40 Albums.

Anderson .Paak

  Photo Credit:  Anderson .Paak

Photo Credit: Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak is a rapper from California - his debut album Venice (85+ on Metacritic) received wide critical acclaim, and his follow up Malibu (85+ on Metacritic) was featured in our list of The best albums of 2016.

BJ Chicago Kid

  Photo Credit:  BJ The Chicago Kid

Photo Credit: BJ The Chicago Kid

Like Chance, and as the name suggests, BJ the Chicago Kid a is a rapper from Chigaco, Illinois. BJ is best know for collaborative work but released his first album that proved his worth as a standalone artist in 2016, In My Mind (80+ on Metacritic).

Earl Sweatshirt

  Photo Credit:  Earl Sweatshirt

Photo Credit: Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt is a rapper from L.A., California - the Odd Future rapper's debut album Doris (80+ on Metacritic) included collaborations from Domo Genesis, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, RZA, Vince Staples and Tyler, The Creator.

Mick Jenkins

  Photo Credit:  Mick Jenkins

Photo Credit: Mick Jenkins

Chigaco, Illionous rapper Mick Jenkins released his debut album The Healing Component in 2016 (75+ on Metacritic). Mick Jenkins, like Alex Wiley appeared on Chance's unreleased track Grown Ass Kid.